AppArmor 4.0 alpha1 is a major new release of the AppArmor that is in development.

Apprmor 4.0 alpha1 is a bridge release between older AppArmor 3.x policy and the newer AppArmor 4 style policy which introduces several new features that are not backwards compatible. As such AppArmor 4.0 alpha1 will be a short lived release, and will not receive long term support. The following AppArmor 4.1 feature release is planned to be a regular release, please take this into account when including AppArmor 4.0 alpha1 into a distro release.

Some features will work with older kernels but many of the features in AppArmor 4.0 alpha1 with require a development kernel.

The kernel portion of the project is maintained and pushed separately.

AppArmor 4.0 alpha1 contains all bug fixes and policy updates from AppArmor 3.1

Obtaining the Release

This release can be obtained through gitlab.


Highlighted new features in alpha1

New Profile Flag

  • unconfined
  • debug

New Mediation Rules


  • aa-status
    • ability to filter output
  • aa-load
    • new utility for loading binary (cache) policy without the parser, can be used by non-systemd systems to do cache loads.


  • no longer require root permissions. Will still require privilege to load policy


  • update abi references to 4.0


  • dbus-broker
    • regression test integration