AppArmor 2.13.6 is a maintenance release of the user space components of the AppArmor security project. The kernel portion of the project is maintained and pushed separately.

This version of the userspace should work with all kernel versions from 2.6.15 and later (some earlier version of the kernel if they have the apparmor patches applied). And supports features released in the 4.18 kernel and ubuntu 18.04 kernel with the apparmor 3 development patches.

Obtaining the Release

There are two ways to obtain this release either through gitlab or a tarball in launchpad. Important note: the gitlab release tarballs: Differ from the launchpad release tarballs. The launchpad release tarball has a couple processing steps already performed: - libapparmor is already done, meaning distros only need to use ./configure in their build setup - the docs for everything but libapparmor have already been built

gitlab release

Launchpad Tarball

Changes in this Release

These release notes cover all changes between 2.13.5 ab0f4ab2ed7e734827b143cd32dace4444875e9b and 2.13.6 c16fff8cb487cf150e3e5ad536b7ff2d4cb4f784on the apparmor-2.13 branch.


  • Fix 2.13 libapparmor so version (MR:658)

Policy Compiler (a.k.a apparmor_parser)



  • Abstractions

    • X
    • Allow (only) reading X compose cache (MR:685)
  • Profiles

    • dovecot
    • allow kill signal (MR:671)
    • allow reading dh.pem (MR:671, debug:10)
    • backport usr.lib.dovecot.script-login to 2.13 to fix denials in Debian Buster+Bullseye (MR:672)


There is a semantic change in the 4.8 kernel (commit 9f834ec18defc369d73ccf9e87a2790bfa05bf46) that affects apparmor policy enforcement. Specifically it affects when the m permission bit is checked for elf binary executables. Policy and tests within apparmor 2.12 and later have been updated to support running on pre 4.8 and 4.8+ kernels.